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Row 1 - S 7280 Salsa, S 7580 Bolero, S 7580 Swing * Row 2 - S 7580 Tango, S 2121 Capri, S 4212 Polaris * Row 3 - S 5381 Gemini, S 5381 Leo, S  5481 Earth * Row 4 - S 5981 Capricorn, S 7210 Twist, S 7280 Jazz

Miele has been producing the best in home appliances since the early nineteen hundreds. They began with cream separators, butter churns, and manually operated washing machines to make housework easier before electricity was available in every home. The dedication to home that has inspired the highest quality home appliances includes protecting the environment as the home we all share.

The dedication to quality has earned Miele the coveted Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on every vacuum cleaner. This honor comes with rigorous testing from experts in electronics and engineering. Only the highest performing, most durable appliances are selected. Miele is one of only four vacuum cleaner manufacturers allowed to use this Seal of Approval.

The Miele company philosophy is simple – Forever Better. Only the highest quality and most creative innovations are produced. Their precision German engineering is tested on every product before it leaves the factory. Each appliance is designed for a life span of at least twenty years, making the company recognized world-wide for value and performance.

Discover Sewing carries a variety of Miele's high quality vacuums.  We can help you identify which  vacuum with best meet your individual requirements. Check out our selection today!