Husqvarna Viking Accessories
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Husqvarna Viking Accessories

We carry a wide variety of presser feet, hoops, and more! call to order or come in to shop our full selection!


Presser Feet


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Accessory Tray Designer SE


Adjustable Stitch in Ditch w/IDF Epic 2


Amber Air Looper Threader


Bobbins for 990, 2 3 4


Clear Seam Guide Foot for IDF System


Closed Free Motion Spring Foot


Embroidery Hoop Standard 100x100/4x4Designers/Topaz


Epic 2 Adj 1/4" w/ guide for IDF system


Epic 2 Clear B Edge Join Foot w/ IDF


Epic 2 Edge Stitching foot w/IDF system


Epic 2 Open Toe Foot for IDF system


Epic Bobbins 8 pack blue


Felting Embroidery Set (9)


Foot Control for Designer SE


HV 11 Hole Cord foot for IDF system (9)


HV Clear B Edge Joining foot (5,6,7,8,9)


HV Clear B Edge Stitching Foot (5,6,7,8,9)


HV Transparent Foot B (5,6,7,8,9)


HV Wing Needle 120/19


Mega Quilters Hoop Epic 2


Metal Hoop 180x130mm


Muilt-line Decorative Foot1-9


Ribbon Feet Set 1-8




Three Hole Yarn Foot for IDF


viking hoop tool


Viking Prewound Bobbin Black 8, 9 Epic Epic 2


Viking Prewound Bobbin White 8-Epic -


Yarn Guide Set (8)