Adjustable Stitch in Ditch w/IDF (9) - 920567096
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Adjustable Stitch in Ditch w/IDF (9)

Stitching in the ditch means stitching in the finished seam of a quilt or binding. There is usually a higher edge to the seam, the side where the seam allowances have been pressed to, and the lower side, the side without the seam allowances.

1. Snap on the Adjustable Stitch-in-Ditch Foot. Thread with matching thread or invisible
thread on top and thread to match your quilt back in the bobbin.

2. Place the fabric to be stitched under the presser foot aligning the guide in the center of the
foot with the seam. The guide will automatically fall on the low side of the seam and will
stitch flawlessly down the seam of your quilt or binding.

3. If the stitch is not in the seam you can move the needle up to three steps to the left or right
to get the stitch perfectly lined up.

4. To pivot ¼” (6 mm) from the end, stop sewing when the front line on the foot is even with
the edge of the fabric.